what does it mean to
crush life?

Crush Life: A decision made by an individual to live life in a way that is not mediocre or average. Striving to be the best you can be, and giving each and every second of the day your all.

Vanilla Meal Replacement

An outrageously delicious, totally complete nutrition and weight loss system

Thermogenic Capsules

Shyne is part of an insanely effective Life Enhancement System

Concentrated Adaptogen Bottle

Not just another miracle juice!clymb is a clinically proven performance enhancer

100% Organic Hemp Extract

lyfe is handcrafted from pure organic Kentucky Hemp. lyfe is all natural - no artificial anything.

Healthy Energy Drink Mix

Not just another sugery energy drink!zyng is crazy healthy fizzy energy experience

A Body Restoring Effervescent Drink

Not just a sleep aid!nyte is a body restoring nighttime relaxer

We’re Not Your Average Joe Of A Company, We CRUSH It

All of our products are organic, all natural, no artificial ANYTHING. Look we get it, there’s competition all around us, which is why the only way we thrive as a company; is to offer products that are far superior, from an ingredient and sourcing level that significantly impacts the way people feel. We let our products do the talking, try them out and form your own opinion. We’re confident you’ll come back for more.

We’re not just another product based work

Help Others CRUSH IT & Get Rewarded.

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